National Colon Cancer Awareness Month

colon cancer ribbonIn February 2000, President Clinton declared March to be National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Since that time, folks have rallied together to spread colon cancer awareness throughout the country. Many communities gather and sponsor annual events to educate and raise funds for this cause.

A colon cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Research has shown over and again that early screening and detection is vital in battling this disease. Anne Arundel Gastroenterology Associates (AAGA) vows to stand beside you, supporting you through the entire process. We are confident that together we can work to save lives by following the guidelines for early colon cancer screening and detection.

Our team of heath care providers is dedicated and committed to your well being. We promise to provide the very best care to our patients. AAGA will help to educate you and your family on the risks associated with colon cancer and the best testing and treatment options. Each of our Board-Certified gastroenterologists regularly perform procedures at the Maryland Center for Digestive Health (MCDH).

We are passionate about preventing the incidence colorectal cancer with early detection through screenings. Join us this for National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Call us today to learn more about early screening and detection. Learn more about events and how to support those with Colon Cancer at

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